Practical Online Course “The Self-Employment Code:

From an Idea to a Fully Developed Business in under 3 months“

These are the changes you can expect to happen in your life during the next 12 weeks:
You will learn how to find the time to spend on other things than work
You will find out how to make good money with your hobby
You will be able to work less and earn more
You will learn how to start your side hustle and transform it into your main source of income
You will be certain about how to transition from employment to self-employment and the best way to do it
If you have already made the first steps, you will expand your business and learn how to avoid making mistakes that are made by the majority of entrepreneurs in the beginning of their journey
I know why you are here
You’ve been thinking about starting your own business but have been postponing it
You think you can’t be making good money doing what you love
And maybe you already have started your own company but it didn’t bring the results you were hoping for

On top of that:

You work 9-5, while forgetting about your dreams and free time to spend with your family or travelling
You can’t afford to buy the things you want
Your new ideas are not supported because you don’t have like-minded people around you

What else?

You started your business, but ended up losing money, because you don’t know how to build a system that works
You have a lot of business ideas, but you don’t know how to make them a reality
You don’t believe in yourself or that you can do it

As a result, you think that business ownership isn’t for you

Take the course about how to start and grow your own business from nothing in 3 months and finally launch your company without burnouts or losing money.
In 12 weeks, acquire skills that will help you manage your business for years to come.
I guarantee the results if you do all of your homework!
Who is this for?

Women that are employed

If your current income is not enough to afford everything you want and you want to start a side business or fully transition to self-employment

Women on maternity leave

If you want to stop being financially dependent and start making your own money in a way that you have enough time left for your kids and for yourself


If you have already left employment and want to make more without working 24/7 with difficult clients and boring projects

Entrepreneur women

If you have already started your business, but your income is far from what you want, and you have no time left to do anything else other than what you are already doing

How is the course structured?
Short videos up to 20 minutes long with information that is easy to understand and follow
Workbooks with exercises for each module that will help you start your business before the end of the course
You can study during any time that suits you - all modules are pre-recorded
All materials are available on the website in your personal account
Coaching sessions with Margo during which she helps you grow your business -
Premium plan only
How do I know all of this?

I started my own company after I got into a car accident and was no longer able to work full-time for the government as a business analyst. During the first year, my business made 6 figures and its annual growth rate is 135%.

I helped my clients earn over $1,000,000 in revenue

I coach startups and small business owners and help them grow their companies

Now my mission is to help women own successful businesses and create a community of self-made female entrepreneurs that love what they do

Your Life Prior To The Course

You haven’t been able to start because you are afraid to make a mistake and lose your money

Your work non-stop to afford everything that you want

You are forced to go to the job you hate and report to the boss you have 0 respect for

You hate waking up early and spending a few hours per day on the commute to work and back

You spend your time and resources on business that does not bring you enough income or brings 0 income altogether

Your Life After The Course

You start your own business because you know exactly what steps to take

You work less and earn more

You make good money doing what you truly love

Your workplace is anywhere you want it to be and you make your own schedule

You know how to systematically find clients and sell them your services

Course Program & Modules

Module 1 - Where to Start?

Learn the best starting point for your business.

Module 2 - Types of Businesses

Find out differences between Sole Proprietorship, Partnership and Corporation, their pros and cons

Module 3 - Pricing and Market Analysis

Set up correct pricing for your services

Module 4 - Choosing the Name

Establish the name for your company

Module 5 - Target Audience Analysis

Everything you need to know about your target audience

Module 6 - Business Registration & Incorporation

Learn how to register your company and what to keep in mind

Module 7 - Business Taxes

Learn the easiest way to keep your accounting in line, how to pay yourself, when to register for GST/HST and what type of taxes you will need to file

Module 8 - Banking, Budgeting and Financial Support

Find out how to set up your business banking and budget and learn useful tips on where you can get your initial financing.

Show More Modules

Module 9 - Hiring Freelancers

Hire the right professional for your business needs while saving a ton of money: everything you need to know about hiring freelancers

Module 10 - New Clients (Offline)

Best way to find new clients offline and increase your sales (with a special planner to help you stay on track)

Module 11 - Website

Everything you need to know about having a well-developed website that attracts new clients (and that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on)

Module 12 - SEO Development

Learn what Search Engine Optimization is and how to get your new business to Top 3 businesses amongst your competitors in Google search in your area

Module 13 - Social Media

Best way to keep your social media active, your clients engaged, and why it’s important

Module 14 - Building Your Marketing Funnel (Online Sales)

Build your marketing funnel from A to Z, learn how to run ads in a budget smart way, and keep your new clients coming!

Module 15 - Are You Ready to Quit Your Job?

Best way to transition from employed to self-employed and how to do it safely

Module 16 - Work to Life Balance

Learn unique techniques and use the planner to always maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Economy Package
This plan does not include any feedback from Margo, but you will have access to the group chat. You may upgrade to a different package at anytime.

3 months split payment available at 0% interest. Credit card payments are accepted.

Split Payment
Standard Package
This plan includes Margo’s text support if you have any additional questions, along with feedback on your homework to ensure no mistakes are made, and your business is on the right track. Access to the group chat is included.

3 months split payment available at 0% interest. Credit card payments are accepted.

Split Payment
Premium Package
In addition to what you see in the Standard plan, this option also includes 8 30-min one-on-one sessions with Margo. During these sessions, she provides you with business development strategies, answers your questions, and analyzes your business to ensure you are on the fast track to achieve your goals.

3 months split payment available at 0% interest. Credit card payments are accepted.

Split Payment

Leave your request for a call back

Our team will contact you to let you know about what’s included in each package and help you choose the right one!

If within the first 7 days you don’t find the course helpful, contact us & receive a full refund.
frequently asked questions
Do you guarantee that I will have my own business after I take the course?
Yes, I guarantee that you will launch your own business if you do all of the exercises that are in the workbook
What if I fail?
If you follow all of the modules and do your homework you WILL succeed.
I feel like it’s too late for me to start
No, it’s not too late. Thinking that you are too young, too old, too inexperienced to start changing your life is a trap. Try to remember for how many years you have been postponing this. The earlier you start the sooner you will be happy with your income and your quality of life.
I don’t have any entrepreneurial skills - what should I do?
Entrepreneurial skills is a myth :) There is a system of knowledge and steps that take you to the desired result, but the thing is - you need to TAKE THEM.

Where would you be if you had started a year ago?

Don’t postpone it this time.

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