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To avoid costly mistakes while launching a business, look for guidance and expert knowledge rather than relying solely on your own trials and errors. What makes me the best fit for your specific case?

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Marketing strategy for your business

Marketing strategy is a primary tool for entrepreneurs to differentiate themselves from competitors and attract clients.

You can't stand out in the market and sell at high prices without a well-planned marketing strategy, relying solely on your own intuition, luck, or situational tactics. Forget about endless failures! I will help you secure a profitable position in the market.

Marketing strategy will allow you to:

increase your income within the next few months;

learn how to run and structure Facebook ads and not waste money on inefficient marketing;

find out what content you must have to sell on social media;

have your own working marketing funnel;

finally, figure out how to increase your average sale amount;

in order to build a business that brings you a stable income, you need to have a very clear understanding of:

what your marketing funnel should look like;

how to get new clients;

how to convert leads into sales;

your target audience;

how to run profitable targeted ads (I promise, it’s not as complicated as it sounds!)

As you can see, this is a LOT of information, which also needs to be correctly applied specifically to YOUR business.

As I am sure you are aware, developing small businesses is my area of expertise and I have a very clear understanding of how to grow specifically your business and what your funnel should look like. 

I would be happy to collect and structure for you all of the information listed above in one user-friendly document – your personal marketing strategy. It’s a user-friendly PDF file – something that you can be referring to for years to come. 

Your marketing strategy will become clear to you once and for all and you will no longer have to collect bits and pieces of questionable information all over the internet

Moreover, the information you see online isn’t specific to your niche and your situation, which has a high chance of resulting in costing you time and money.

Your business is unique and it needs to have a marketing strategy that is developed specifically for it. Trying to fit it in a box and using general information isn’t going to work. 

My marketing strategy will be created specifically for you.

Here is an example of how much material you will receive: (this is just a screenshot of the strategy I did for another business)

Of course, I will not leave you on your own with this amount of information – your marketing strategy will include a 30 min follow-up call, where I will answer your questions, should you have any. 

This is what’s included in the marketing strategy: 

  • 1 hr strategy call where I learn about your business
  • Marketing strategy that was developed specifically for your business in a PDF format 
  • 30 min follow-up call
Click the button below to book a short strategy call to find out whether I can be useful in your particular case and get recommendations so you can start implementing some of them on your own.

1:1 Business Coaching

You will benefit from 1:1 consultation if you are:

  • on your way to launch a business and want to make everything correctly at once so not to waste money and time.  
  • you already run your own business, but there are obstacles that don’t allow you to increase income and eliminate burning out.”
  • you want to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and gain the necessary skills to run a business.

During my coaching sessions I:

  • Find the areas where your business is losing money on;
  • Consult you on any business problems you may have;
  • Develop a growth strategy for all present “gaps”
  • Help you set achievable realistic goals, so you always continue to grow;
  • Show you how to find and maintain a healthy work-to-life balance;

Plus, I ensure you don’t make any common mistakes that most beginner small business owners make. I share my business development expertise with you from the beginning to the point when you feel 100% comfortable on your own!

My main goal is for you to feel confident in growing your business on your own, instead of being overwhelmed by the complicated field of business management and always second-guessing your every move.

I want to emphasize that I do not work with everyone and anyone, but only those who:

  • Are committed to having a better life
  • Are ethical and authentic
  • Provide their clients with high-quality products/services
  • Give back to the world
  • Have at least 45 min a day to implement everything they learn in the sessions with me.

If you believe this is you, leave your contacts belowI will contact you to schedule a short 15-20 minute call to understand if we are a good fit as I can only work with up to 10 people per month due to my deep involvement in understanding each case so we could achieve great results.

I will also give you recommendations so you can even start implementing some of them on your own. 

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